For Sale By Owner (FSBO)



Not ready to list with a real estate professional?

Want to try selling your property yourself? 

If you answered YES to either question, then this page is for you.


Here’s how it works:


Buy a 1-year subscription to advertise your property here.


Pick from two options:


OPTION 1$800 = I take the pics, write your property description and advertise your property and contact info on this site for one full year.


OPTION 2$500 = email your pics (10 max) and property description to me and I will advertise your property and contact info on this site for one full year.


THE BEST PART…At any time during your one-year subscription, if you change your mind about selling BY OWNER and wish to list through me at Island Realty, I will deduct your entire subscription fee ($500 or $800) from my commission, when we sell your property, NO MATTER HOW LONG IT IS LISTED!


This is strictly selling “by owner”…potential Buyers will contacts YOU, the Seller, directly.

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